Dad creates workshop to teach fathers how to style their daughters' hair

Are you a dad who is having trouble styling your daughter's hair? Then Philippe Morgese's workshop might be just what you need.

Morgese is a single father and the founder of Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a new workshop to help fathers learn about styling their daughters' locks. Topics like basic brushing, ponytails, braids and buns are gone over in detail for dads at the Daytona Beach, Fla. workshop, so they learn how to master the styles for their own daughters at home.

Morgese said he decided to organize the class after receiving multiple requests from friends to teach them how to do hairstyles for their daughters.

Morgese wrote on Reddit about his excitement for his first class, which was this past Tuesday:

"I have 12 dads that signed up for the first class and will bring their daughters. We are going over basic hair care and ponytails to start," Morgese wrote. "I'm going to try and make it a monthly class to help the fathers in my community. I have a few fathers staying after class the first day so I can teach them how to do buns. I'm not a professional at all, but that doesn't seem to slow me down."

Morgese shared photos of the daddy-daughter workshop to Reddit, where they quickly went viral. Many users praised the dad for his thoughtful workshop.

"This is truly awesome. I know some guys who would definitely do this,"wrote one Reddit user. "It's a parenting win, makes daughters happy that their dad's are involved in their lives and care enough to be doing something girly. Massive props for facilitating another way to create such an important bond!!"

"This is amazing! I can remember my dad braiding my hair before dance class. He would always re-do it once or twice to make sure it was just right. I was seven then. I am thirty-three now and it is one of my favourite memories of him," wrote another.

Morgese is touched by all the positive feedback he's received over his hair styling efforts.

"It's not even about the hair, it's about the bond, it's about coming together and sharpening our skills. I'm excited to inspire."
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