The Vault: Pampered pooches make their fashion debut in 1990!

NEW YORK, NY (WABC) -- On June 4, 1990, Eyewitness News feature reporter Chauncey Howell paid a visit to a high-end boutique that catered to a very elite crowd -- pampered pooches.

The lucky dogs were trying out the fall collection designed by Karen Thompson, whose creations were the bark of the town.

"She's going to get a new coat for fall," said one of the dog owners who walked into the store. "We don't know what kind, but maybe a slicker."

Chauncey called the white pooch "another fashion victim" before it tried on a new green coat.

He was also surprised when he learned that many of these dogs attend lavish parties, parties that required them to wear sequin outfits.

It shocked him even more when he learned the red sequin outfit cost almost $100 dollars! Lots of money back then...and now!
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