Barbecue safety tips: How to prevent a Father's Day grill mishap

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Father's Day weekend is widely regarded as the nation's busiest weekend for backyard barbecues and grilling.

Grill fires and other grilling-related injuries reach their peak in the months of May through August, accounting for approximately 9,000 fires in the United States each year.

Long Island Fire and Hospital Officials outlined some fire prevention and barbecue safety precautions ahead of the weekend.

Make sure to clean your grill

Most barbecue burns are caused when a flame jumps when you put the food on. Fatty meat can trigger this, but more often it's that the grill was not properly clean. Grease at the top can ignite, so make sure to scrape the grill down, or plan to brush it yearly.

Another the catch pan. As food fills up the old grease heats up, setting nearby objects or even the whole grill on fire.

Watch for propane tank leaks

East Meadow Fire Department says another danger is propane tank leaks. To check your tank, fill a bucket and put the tank in water to check to see if there are any leaks.

What happens if barbecuing goes wrong?
If barbecuing goes wrong, the best way to treat a burn is with room temperature water and to stop the flame immediately.

Fire officials say to cut off the oxygen and if possible, turn off the propane to keep the fire from getting worse.

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