NYC food trucks to soon get letter grades like restaurants

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- They may pass the taste test, but food cart and truck vendors will soon have to pass a grading system similar to restaurants in New York City, with the Health Department announcing new inspection rules on Friday.

"Every cart or truck will be getting (a) newly designed decal, and when the inspector finishes the inspection, an 'A' looks just like the restaurant A," says Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Health Corrine Schiff.

Beginning in December, all of the city's 5,500 mobile food vendors will be graded on their food safety and will receive a corresponding alphabet score. A tracking device will also be attached to every unit so inspectors can keep track of each business.

Ahmad Ali from 'The Halal Guys' has been in the push cart business since the 90s. He and other vendors say they support the new grading process because, it will likely shatter stigmas and spark more appetites.

"I believe this will be something good, because if you're taking care of your business, it doesn't matter," said Ali.

Meanwhile, patrons agree the new labels will likely encourage more people to not only think but eat outside of the box.

"I feel like I don't go to ones I haven't heard of before, because I don't want to eat unhealthy food, if I knew right when I saw it that it was gonna be clean, then I'd probably be more down," says Francesca Fasullo.
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