EXCLUSIVE: Man attacked by possible rabid fox at New Jersey home

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Darla Miles has more from Stanhope.

STANHOPE, New Jersey (WABC) -- A man was attacked by a possibly rabid fox just steps from his New Jersey home - and it wasn't the first time the fox was on the attack.

Gil Moscatello wrestled with the fox on Saturday - a fox that kept charging at him wouldn't stop.

"The third time, it grabbed my ankle, and I'm there hanging with a fox on my ankle, just high kicked it, stopped short and flew off and it just came right back at me," Moscatello said.

The fox bit Mostcatello on this right ankle before the 67-year-old could finally shake it.

"I finally got it pretty good in the head. I didn't knock it out, but I dazed it and that is when it wandered into the woods," he added.

In fact, police say the same fox attacked another family's cat a few doors down just a few hours later.

"He came out from woods here, the cat ran up the front stairs and chased it," says Lora Villavicencio.

The fox's third and final stop of the day was at a home where the homeowner managed to trap it in the basement before animal control and police arrived.

The Police Department and Animal Control responded.

The fox is currently being tested for rabies.

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