Long Island student created 'The Happiness Project' to help patients with traumatic brain injuries

GLEN COVE, Long Island (WABC) -- A local high school student is making a huge impact on people with traumatic brain injuries.

His project is so simple it's brilliant.

17-year-old Quentin Palone is the creator of "The Happiness Project".

He's a volunteer at Glen Cove Hospital helping patients with traumatic brain injuries.

"What we do is talk to a patient about what make them happy and then I go home and try to recreate their vision of happiness as best as I can in the form of a drawing. Then the patient would transfer it onto one of these panels," Palone said.

At least 40 patients have made a happiness panel.

"It made them very happy which was the goal and it usually resulted in a smile. It just got their minds off whatever was going on in their lives," Palone said.

Most patients can complete their own happiness panel.

Others need assistance from therapists.

Either way Dr. Adrian Cristian, the head of the hospital's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, says the project is good for patients.

"This is a creative outlet for them it engages them. It ties them back to the community and it gives them that little boost to get them through the therapy program," Dr. Cristian said.

You won't be surprised to hear that when Quentin grows up he wants to be a doctor. He's off to a pretty good start.
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