Hair extension bars provide new look with no reservations

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Making hair extensions more convenient
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Lauren Glassberg takes a look at a hair extension bar that provides a whole new look in 90 minutes.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Salons that cater to walk-in appointments for hair blowouts have popped up all over.

Now there's a new trend on the block: hair extensions, with no reservation required.

Until now if you wanted hair extensions, you would usually have to have a consultation to find the right color and then you'd return for your appointment. This new spot offers on demand service and a whole new look in 90 minutes.

Long, luscious locks..not everyone is born with a great head of hair. Take Monica Thornton. "I always admired her hair and she wouldn't share her secret," said Lisa Richards, referring to Monica's hair.

The secret was extensions, something Monica was so passionate about, she left her career as a human rights lawyer to open a hair extension bar. She teamed with Lisa Richards.

Their Flatiron spot is called RPZL, as in Rapunzel, and here the fairy tale comes true.

"The concept is really to provide a full service for women who are seeking glorious and wonderful and gorgeous hair," said Monica.

At RPZL, there are three options for extensions.

A clip-on version that you can put in and take out as you please.

A tape version, swaths of hair are actually taped onto your own, that lasts six weeks.

And for extensions that last about four months, ultrasound technology is used to seal extensions to your hair.

"Our head masters match for color, they put it in and they style it, so that within an hour and a half you walk in and get your hair done, gorgeous hair, a double dose of gorgeousness," said Monica.

RPZL stocks only human hair. The stylists wash and blow dry your hair as part of the extension service, and there's a look book to help you decide.

"Long hair is it, it's loose, it's wavy, and the reason women love long hair so much is because it's sexy," said Alexandra Parnass, the beauty director of Harper's Bazaar.

Long hair is the trend right now, and extensions will instantly transform you.

"The key with hair extensions is to keep it subtle," said Parnass. "What you don't want is to look like you've got a big wig on. What you do want is to look like it's your hair, but better."

Let's talk about extensions are expensive.

The clip-on version begins at $250 and you get to keep those. The tape version begins at $350 and for a full set of the ultra sound extensions, that will run you $850.