Best friend duo start fitness blog to rate and review NYC fitness classes

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Best friend duo start fitness blog to rate and review NYC fitness classes

How did a girl from Canada and a girl from Michigan become one of the top fitness blogs in New York City? (WABC)

Elizabeth Endres moved to New York City from Michigan to pursue economics. Dale Borchiver moved to New York City from Toronto to pursue fashion.

Now, they have a full-time business that's one of New York City's biggest fitness blogs Sweats & The City.

So, how did they do it? When both girls moved to the city a mutual friend linked them up as roommates.

Sharing a mutual passion for fitness and feeling frustrated with certain fitness apps, the two sought out to start a blog that would share a rating system for different studios in the city.

They both didn't love standing around a gym, not knowing exactly where to start. They agreed that a structured class was much easier for them to stay engaged and not lose motivation or interest.

But, a lot of the apps they were using to join classes didn't have the information they wanted to see. Like - are there showers? Are there lockers? How big are the classes? Was it a good workout?

So they linked up and created the blog, Sweats & The City, a play on words from the popular TV series 'Sex and the City'.

Now, with over 58 thousand followers on Instagram, their studio reviews - combined with their love of fashion - grew into a culmination of 'athleisure', healthy eats and beauty products.

We got to check out a class - Dance Floor Sculpt - with Dale and Liz first hand, at PROJECT by Equinox. Natalie Reid and Sarah Grooms, of CityFitLife, instructed a high intensity, high energy dance workout.

Liz and Dale's goal is to share health and wellness motivation and tips for their followers. They say, "If everyone can become a little bit healthier and a happier version of themselves, Sweats & The City has done its job.

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