Radiation Therapy, A Patient's Journey - Ed Kane

James Wong, MD, radiation oncology, Morristown Medical Center
NEW YORK -- Ed Kane's world was shaken when he was diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the tongue in 2016. But he was determined that his 21-month-old granddaughter, Kaitlyn, be able to know her grandfather. So he came to Dr. James R. Wong, a pioneer in the field of radiation oncology, who was able to save Ed's speech, his ability to eat, and ultimately, his life.

Dr. Wong, chair of radiation oncology and founder and medical director of the Leonard B. Kahn Head and Neck Cancer Institute at Morristown Medical Center, decided that the most effective course of treatment for Ed was radiation therapy. Using one of the most advanced devices to deliver pinpoint accuracy and precision while delivering radiation, Dr. Wong, was able to minimize the exposure of surrounding healthy tissue.

While radiation therapy is a powerful tool in the treatment arsenal, so are the comprehensive support services need to care for the "whole" patient. Social workers, nutritionists and speech therapists work with each patient from pre- to post-treatment, assisting with their individual needs.

Atlantic Health System also created the Chambers Center for Well Being, which is focused on healing the mind, body and spirit, through integrative medicine, including therapeutic touch and energy therapies, acupuncture and other global healing traditions.

"Dr. Wong and the team and all the people at Morristown Medical Center definitely saved my life. I mean they took me from a Stage IV cancer to no cancer at all in eight weeks. It's nothing short of a miracle," said Ed.

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