Hells Angels buying bikes for needy kids

FRESNO, Calif. -- Black Friday came a little early for some members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club.

Some of the bikers have already started camping out at the Walmart off Herndon and Ingram in Northwest Fresno. They're going to buy hundreds of bikes and give them to local kids in need for the holidays.

The bikers will be out there 24-hours a day to make sure they get a spot at the front of the line when the shopping season kicks off. "It's probably not that important of a sale for us to spend nine days of their life at Walmart, but, it is for us. The need is so great in this town, in our community that somebody needs to stand up for these kids that are homeless. These kids that have nothing. These kids who would like a new toy that their family cant afford because there is no jobs because there is no water," said Merl Hefferman, Hells Angels member.

The Hells Angels also have a bin set-up if you want to buy a toy inside Walmart and make a donation on your way out.
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