Coronavirus News: High school football kicks off in New Jersey

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
High school football kicks off in NJ, but is it safe?
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With the time for practice winding down, Anthony Johnson reports excitement is building for high school action on the grid iron in New Jersey.

PATERSON, New Jersey (WABC) -- High school football kicks off in New Jersey on Thursday, but how risky is it?

With the time for practice winding down, the excitement is building for high school action on the grid iron.

For highly recruited players, this season means a lot because it's a chance for colleges to see them on the field.

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"It feels great getting back on the football field, it's been so long, it feels like years since I touched the field and played against someone else with a different jersey," Eastside junior Jahsin Jocobs said.

While fans are limited, sanitation is underway in the bleachers to make sure anyone who wants to watch is safe.

There is a 500-person limit on outdoor gatherings and social distancing is a must.

The coaches say the focus is on the game, but the big crowds will be missed.

"For the kids, you want to hear your mom and dad, grandma, whoever is in the stands yell when you do something good and even when you do something bad so taking the fans away from the game is definitely going to be a big part," Eastside Defensive Coordinator K Jacobs said.

This season will be different for everyone. It's shorter than usual and practice has been limited.

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So there is a level playing field.

"Everyone is in the same boat so it's not an advantage or disadvantage to anyone at this point in time," Eastside Head Coach James Magazine said.

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