Amy Freeze's Elf on the Shelf donuts for stubborn elves

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In case your Elf on the Shelf gets a little stubborn (he doesn't move for a night) a sweet treat might do the trick! My youngest son William will walk you through the quick prep of "Elf on the Shelf" donuts! They always work magic at our house!


Sugar water with a few drops of honey
Powered Sugar
Matchbox (for holding half dozen donuts)

1. Mix up some sugar water and dip the top half of the cheerio in the sugar water
2. Put on your topping of choice
3. Do not over dip in sugar water or you will end up with soggy donuts!
4. Less is more and if you need to "clear" the donut hole - just use a toothpick!
5. Serve to your elf in a matchbox for a sweet surprise


**BEWARE your elf may LOVE you even more after you surprise them with these delicious Christmas time treats!**

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