Mom's Haus offers Louisiana soul food during COVID-19

LOS ANGELES -- Mom's Haus brings Louisiana soul food to customers amid the COVID pandemic.

"One of the biggest items here is the oxtails, fried chicken, definitely our PO-boys, shrimp, and grits. You know signature items within Louisiana cuisine in terms of soul food," said Marc Davis, owner of Mom's Haus.

This Van Nuys, CA restaurant has been around for over 30 years when the original owner, Genevia (Mom), brought her creole cuisine and called the place Mom's Bar B Que House. The new owner is also a Louisiana native, Marc Davis, and used to frequent Genevia's restaurant to get a taste of home. Soon a loyal customer became a loyal friend. Davis took over the restaurant and renovated the place, officially opening as Mom's Haus on May 1, 2020.

Customers that have been coming for years, when Genevia ran the place, are still coming for more. "When I came here they had something different here, it was called fried ribs. I never had that in my life so that's different from everything else, and I tried the fried ribs here and ohh I'm hooked," said Kenny McCloud, originally from Tennessee.

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