Riders get stuck on new Chicago Ferris wheel hours after opening

CHICAGO -- Around 100 riders were stranded on the new Ferris wheel at Navy Pier Friday evening, just hours after the attraction opened to the public.

The Centennial Wheel came to a halt when officials said it experienced a brief power outage Friday evening. A group of friends visiting from New Jersey shared cell phone video they took while they were stuck inside one of the gondolas.

"It was so sunny and nice, and then it just stopped. The actual car just started shaking a bit. The lights went on and off a few times. They went and said there was something wrong, they're trying to fix it, just stay calm," said Caitlin Kain. "I got so nervous. We closed the windows and I was just like, 'Oh my God.' This is not what I expected when I got on the Ferris wheel."

Navy Pier officials said passengers on the wheel were held in place for about 20 minutes just after 8 p.m. before they were able to exit the ride. No one was injured.

"In the beginning it was kind of fun and like funny, we were joking around. But when we were at the top and we saw the storm coming and the rain coming, we were like, maybe this isn't so much fun anymore," said Stephanie Gibson.

"I'm so happy to be on land. I'm very relieved, I'm probably going to call my parents," Kain said.

Power was restored to the Ferris wheel, but it's unclear what caused the outage.

Officials said the Ferris wheel will be running on Saturday.

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