Oh deer! Doe jumps through open window into school in North Arlington, NJ

NORTH ARLINGTON, New Jersey (WABC) -- A deer jumped through an open window in a school in New Jersey Friday, causing quite the scene.

It happened at North Arlington Middle School in Bergen County.

According to North Arlington police, the deer ended up in a locked office as students were being dismissed.

It's not clear yet what caused the doe to go inside -- whether it was food, a reflection or something else.

This is another photo of the deer obtained by Eyewitness News, which appears to show the deer entering the school:

The deer knocked over a water cooler and busted into a wall trying to get out.

An animal control worker was called to the school, tranquilized the deer and removed it from the building.

The deer was apparently wrapped up in a blanket and taken out on a cart, as seen in this photo:

No students were involved and no one was injured.
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