North Korea and South Korea: The Potential Path Towards Denuclearization

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
The Path to Denuclearizing North and South Korea
What could denuclearization look like on the Korean Peninsula?

NEW YORK -- The stalemate between North and South Korea has created an extremely tense situation on the border for almost 70 years.

But in 2021, there is a push to change that. ABCs Michael Koenigs interviews Choi Moon-Soon, the governor of Gangwon, the South Korean province that shares a border with the north about his push for peace at the Pyeongchang Peace Form; ABC News correspondent, Bob Woodruff, who has been covering the North Korean conflict for over two decades; and Ronnie Polidoro, a former Supervising Producer at ABC News who captured North Korea with a 360 degree camera for the first time.

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