Pa. football coach shines bright for generations of team members

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Pa. football coach shines bright for generations of team members
Sonny Di Martini is an inspiring assistant coach who shines bright on all of the students and team members.

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa -- Sonny Di Martini has been following this passion since he was 4 years old.

The inspiring assistant football coach has been shining bright at Conestoga High School, where he has been involved for 24 years.

"He loves Conestoga, he loves sports, and he loves football," said Sonny's mother Pam Di Martini.

Over the years, his journey went from spectator to teammate and now to assistant coach.

"Every graduating class and every kid who has played Conestoga football knows Sonny," said Head Football Coach Matt Diamond.

To celebrate his legacy, Sonny will soon be inducted into the Conestoga Football Hall of Fame.

"Just one of the most influential people I've ever met in his ability to have a positive influence on others," said Diamond. "He really epitomizes the qualities that we are trying to instill in our kids."

Staff and team members appreciate Sonny's positivity at practices and games.

"No matter what happens, Sonny still keeps positive. I really think that's what they learn from him," said Di Martini.

When speaking with his mom about his future at Conestoga High School, Sonny says he'd like to stay forever.