What to expect on the Oscars red carpet

NEW YORK, NY (WABC) -- The success of a dress is measured in moments at the Oscars where everyone can be a fashion critic and the reviews come instantaneously on social media.

"I think the bright dresses, the big volume, matters: all those things have a big impact on Instagram," said Alex Badia, the style director of W.W.D. "I think those things trend much, much, much, faster," said Alex Badia, the style director of W.W.D.

Monse, a company started by designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, is an example.
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"Instagram and social media really changed everything," Kim said. "Even if you're not interested, the next day, you turn on your phone and all the images from Oscars are there. It's something you can't avoid."

Garcia continued, "Everyone is tired of seeing the same gown so I think our mentality at Monse of taking an old style and chopping it up and making it sexy and interesting for somebody is what people look for on the red carpet nowadays."

The pair also serve as creative directors for Oscar De La Renta, where they made a dress for Regina King last year when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

She looked so beautiful it left a legacy of big stars wearing white on the red carpet this season.

"Something that really worked for someone," says W.W.D's Badia, "you're gonna see it next year in someone else."
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An Oscar gown can begin with a sketch, or with fabric draped over a star, or with an existing dress from the Monse line.

"The goal is a gown that reflects a star's personality," Garcia said. "The woman has to feel confident in what she's wearing and the more complicated the design the less cool she looks."

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