Field Trip: US Open ballperson tryouts

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Friday, August 16, 2019
Field Trip: US Open ballperson tryouts
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Ryan Field gets a firsthand experience at US Open Ballsperson tryouts in this week's Field Trip.

FLUSHING, Queens (WABC) -- It's almost that time again! The best tennis has to offer will hit the Big Apple as the US Open returns to Flushing Meadows starting August 26th.

If you ever watched a tennis match or seen one in person, you know the ball person plays a vital role. Their activities help to speed up play by reducing the amount of inactive time during a match.

Due to the nature of tennis, quick retrieval of loose balls and delivery of the game balls to the servers is necessary for quick play. A ball person may also assist players in other ways, such as the delivery of towels and drinks.

You may not know, the US Open holds tryouts for new ball persons every summer. Believe it or not, they range in age from teenagers to folks who are in their 60s.

I am happily somewhere in between (no age jokes!) so I put on my best tennis outfit and headed out to the US Open for tryouts in today's Field Trip.