Join Reddit AMA with Kristin Thorne about 'Missing' tonight at 7

ByKristin Thorne
Monday, July 18, 2022
'Missing' investigates cases of missing people in Tri-State (TRAILER)
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Eyewitness News' series, "Missing," focuses on missing people around the Tri-State area who never got the coverage they deserved. Every single victim and every single family deserves justice - and that's the mission of this series.

My series "Missing" tells the stories of missing people who never got the coverage they deserved.

Every single victim and every single family deserves justice - and that's my mission.

Tonight at 7, ask me a question about the series or follow along during our first AMA, or Ask Me Anything, on ABC7NY's Reddit.

Here's more about the series:

It all began on Sept. 13, 2021, the first day I covered the disappearance of Gabby Petito and met with her distraught parents on Long Island. The story consumed the next two months of my life. Throughout this time, I spoke routinely with Gabby's father, Joseph Petito. Most of what we spoke about, I have never reported, but one thing he made clear to me is that he wanted the media to cover other missing people. He said they deserved attention, too, and he was right. I started to look at databases of missing people across the Tri-State area and as I scrolled through the hundreds of faces, I thought about not only those people but their families and friends and the ripple effect of pain that is caused when they disappeared. So I thought, "Maybe I can help?" I started calling private investigators around New York City looking for cases to profile.

We first profiled the story of Leanne Marie Hausberg, a 14-year-old who left her family's apartment in Brooklyn and has never been heard from again. For almost 23 years, Leanne's family has lived with the agony of not knowing what happened to her. I hope that by bringing their emotional story to the world, people will try to find Leanne or - at the very least - come forward with information they may have about where she went or who she was with when she disappeared.

In our second story, we examined the disappearance of Chelsea Michelle Cobo, a young mother who vanished from Brooklyn in 2016. For almost six years, Chelsea's desperate mother, Rose, has been doing everything she can to find her, uncovering her daughter's darkest secrets, imperiling her own safety to get answers from people who don't want to talk, and holding the NYPD and the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office accountable.

In our third story, we are investigating the disappearance of Corinna Paige Slusser, who went from small-town Pennsylvania cheerleader to sex-trafficked "hostage" in New York City, where she vanished almost half a decade ago. According to police, someone reported seeing Slusser leaving the Haven Motel on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park, Queens early one September morning in 2017. She has never been seen again.

Our series 'MISSING' is now available to stream on Hulu. I look forward to discussing 'Missing' with you during my AMA.