Teen prepares for prom, as she prepares to die

APPLETON, WI -- A teenage girl in Wisconsin will have what could be her last dance this Friday.

Jerika Bolen suffers from a painful genetic disease that prevents her from using her muscles. And next month, she plans to stop the medical treatments that help keep her alive, station WBAY reports.

But first, the 14-year-old will have her prom.

"I'll be able to see all of my family and meet new people and say hi to everyone there," she said. "And it's going to be filled with happiness."

After hearing the teen's story and her wish to have a prom, businesses have come together to make sure Jerika's last dance is everything she wants it to be.

"Jerika herself is so excited about this," said Sue Lamers, of The Grand Meridian. "This is something she wants, and we certainly love to help out the community. And her mother is wanting to make this a very special event for her, and we want to be part of that."

It's a community collaboration that's not just for Jerika, but also those who've been affected by her story. For more on it, watch the full report in the video player above.

"She just touched my heart," said Lisa Grassman, of Wedding Perfect, which has also donated items to the event. "She's just such a strong soul, and I want to give back to her." null
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