Social Superstar: 'Yarn Bomber' brings new perspective to street art

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After crocheting a tree and seeing the reaction from passerby's, London Kaye knew she needed to keep crocheting

What started with tying yarn around a tree trunk five years ago has transformed this crotchet artist into a Social Superstar.

London Kaye, based in Brooklyn, received her BFA in dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

What was once just a side hobby is a full-time gig now.

After crocheting a tree and seeing the reaction from passerby's, London knew she needed to keep crocheting.

London crochets water pipes, street fences, subways and now even billboards in Times Square!

Her street art has attracted the attention of major media outlets, worldwide brands and a large following on social media. She has crocheted pieces for Miller Lite, Starbucks, Red Valentino, Converse and more!

London posts most of her work on her incredibly successful Instagram account, @madebylondon.

Her account has over 41,000 followers and counting and her work has been spotted on city streets from New York to California!

So what's next for the crochet queen?

London recently launched her own line of yarn so beginners at home can follow her patterns and learn to crochet some of her most popular, but simple installments.

London believes crocheting is therapeutic and fun, and if you haven't tried it, then you should grab one of her custom hooks and see what you can create!

To find out what London Kaye will hook next, follow her on Instagram @madebylondon/

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