Barclays Center installing sound-muffling green roof

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is installing a new feature on it's roof that is designed to serve multiple purposes.

To get there, you have to take a freight elevator, follow a series of catwalks inside the arena and climb three ladders outside. It also requires safety equipment, so it's not a feature that will be open to the public.

Still, it offers an incredible view of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues.

Workers are busy covering 135,000 square feet with a substance called sedum that almost resembles grass. And when it's finished, it will be the largest green roof ever to cover a sporting venue.

It's a joint venture between Greenland USA and Forest City Ratner Companies.

But getting to this point, according to Forest City Ratner's Linda Chiarelli, was quite a little journey.

The seeds were shipped in by rail to Connecticut, to the nursery in Connecticut, and then plated there and brought here daily," she said.

Then, the 18 palettes were lifted to the roof with a crane, and then securely put in place.

The lush greenery will absorb rainwater, and therefore put less stress on the sewer system. Then, there's the acoustic component, as the roof will absorb sound that is outside the building and muffle sounds inside the center.

Because the sedum is so heavy, it actually sits on a special steal structure on top of the roof.

And another thing that will be fascinating to watch is how all of this will actually change to reflect the seasons

"We're getting closer to summer season," Chiarelli said. "You'll see yellows and reds."

In the end, three acres of sedum will cover the top of the Barclays Center. And it's easy to maintain, as it doesn't need to be watered and won't grow any taller.

Installation is expected to be completed by the fall.
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