Check out the Tampa house Tom Brady is renting from Derek Jeter

The Captain.

The G.O.A.T.

World Series wins? There are five.

Super Bowls? Six.

Two legends, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 21,796 square feet.

With quarterback Tom Brady moving to Tampa after signing with the Buccaneers, he needed a place to lay his head. Former New York Yankees shortstop, current Miami Marlins chief executive officer and part owner, and Tampa resident Derek Jeter was there to help.

Like a sports royalty version of MTV Cribs, with gift baskets galore, here's what happening at 58 Bahama Circle in Tampa.

It's the largest house in Hillsborough County with 30,000 square feet, seven bathrooms and nine bathrooms. According to the New York Times, it's the size of an average Best Buy store.

The Davis Islands area of Tampa is man-made, built in the 1920s. Much of the original architecture is Mediterranean, but Jeter's house clashes. It's an English manor style home. According to Zillow's estimate, it's price is almost $6 million more than the average price in the neighborhood.

Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen have two children together. There are enough bedrooms for them to have three apiece, leaving one for mom and dad. Though Jeter, who has two children of his own, might have some rules for his renters like no finger-painting or stuff stuck to the refrigerator.

One benefit, for the notoriously private Brady, is the fence. Photographers, nosy neighbors and passing boaters trying to get a glimpse at Jeter, drove him to build the 8-foot fence. However, one Davis Island resident, according to the Tampa Bay Times, challenged it. The city agreed with Jeter, so good luck catch a glimpse of Brady at the grill.

While Jeter, and now Brady, are certainly the most famous, and winningest athletes on the block, hockey might be the dominant sport of Davis Islands. Former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lacavalier and current Lightning players Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman also live there.

It's got a boat launch, room for eight cars, a pool, a fireplace and even an elevator. So, what will it cost Brady, who just signed a two-year, $50 million deal with Bucs, be paying? According to Zillow, the rent estimate would be more than $44,000 a month. But, maybe Mr. November will give TB12 a discount.

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