The Babysitter: Hilarious parody of 'The Bachelor'

Parents know how stressful it can be to find the perfect babysitter.

It's so intense, that one funny, clever group of moms compared it to a dramatic dating show...kind of like, The Bachelor.

The viral video spoof is aptly called, The Babysitter.

It follows a mom, Brooke, as she searches for her perfect sitter match.

Just like on the hit ABC show, the girls go on the park.

They get one-on-one dates...with the minivan.

And earn a coveted sippy cup, in place of a rose, when they make the cut.

There's even a super-dramatic moment when Brooke finds out that her leading contender won't work weekends!

At the end, instead of a proposal, the babysitters are offered the keys to the minivan, of course.

The parody is the hilarious work of What's Up Moms?, a parenting network on YouTube and Facebook.

You can find more of their funny, parenting videos by clicking here.
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