Check out a grooming service that keeps your pet calm and clean on wheels

WEST BABYLON, New York -- Every pet owner knows the feeling of taking their pet to the groomers.

A high-stress situation affects your pet and you. Even though you hate to see your pet experience any level of discomfort, grooming takes place at least once a month and for some pets as often as once a week.

Long Island's Ruff Life Mobile Grooming Salon wanted to find a way ease to pet owner's peace of mind and take away the stress of their pet when they need grooming.

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"We come to your door and provide a one-on-one experience, cage-free, personalized, contactless-experience for you and your pet," said Chris Elias, Owner. "Before you know it that dog is feeling amazing, the client is super happy, it's done safely by an animal lover inside our vans and that's what we do every single day and clients love what we do."

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During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, The Ruff Life Mobile Grooming Salon was able to stay open and assist many pet owners who were struggling to groom their pets themselves. The Ruff Life had many new customers reach out to them through their website and take advantage of their contactless services.

"During quarantine, I feel like a lot of pet owners, did a lot of homeowners and they realized how much goes into it," said Tiffany Mikulewich, groomer. "How difficult it is, how often it needs to be done, I think that was a big thing with grooming and quarantine."

The mobile salon caters to cats, dogs, and even rabbits. Services include baths, blowouts, haircuts, nail trimmings, and even berry facials.

"Let me tell you that they get better spa days than I do myself," said Erin Margiotta, the customer. "They are all excited; they love all the girls that come here."

Elias and his wife Emily are happy that they're growing their business on wheels across Long Island.

They're looking forward to finding more clients who can benefit from there stress-free services that will keep your pets clean and calm.


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