Utah toddler shreds more than $1,000 in cash his parents were saving

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (WABC) -- A Utah couple lost more than $1,000 they were saving for football season tickets after their toddler got his hands on the cash.

The Belnap family saved all year to buy tickets for the University of Utah football season and finally had enough.

When the white envelope with the $1,060 disappeared, they started frantically searching for it.

It turns out the culprit was their 2-year-old son Leo. The toddler destroyed it all in their shredding machine.

Leo's parents say even though they were upset, they couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

"Most people they say, 'Oh, a kid drew crayon on the wall or something.' I've never heard of a kid shredding a grand," Ben Belnap said.

They are planning to send the shredded bills to Washington, D.C., and have been told they may be able to get it replaced -- but the process could take up to two years.

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