Traces of blood found in case of missing Connecticut mom of 5, according to report

NEW CANAAN, Connecticut -- Traces of blood have been found in the Connecticut home that a mother of five was renting before she went missing one week ago, according to a new report, and the search zone has expanded.

When investigators made the discovery inside Jennifer Dulos' New Canaan residence, sources told the Hartford Courant, it "appears the scene had been cleaned."

Police would not corroborate that information to ABC News since it is an active investigation, but detectives from the Connecticut State Police confirmed Friday that additional search efforts are underway in Hartford.

They would not elaborate on the tip or information that led them to the capitol, but the deputy chief of the Hartford Fire Department said they received a call from State Police requesting assistance in making an entry into a storm drain for an ongoing investigation.

Entry was made, and nothing was found. He said he could not speak to what police were looking for or any connection to the case.

After reports that the case was being treated as a homicide, New Canaan police released a statement saying that it had not yet been classified that way. Dulos' disappearance is being investigated as a missing person case, as well as a criminal case.

"We miss her beyond measure - her five young children, her family, her friends, colleagues, and neighbors, as well as countless people who have never met her but who have responded to the spirit of grace and kindness that Jennifer embodies," family spokesperson Carrie Luft said in a statement Friday. "The public response has been astounding. The support and love, the concern for her children, and the community efforts to help locate Jennifer have kept us going."

Dulos, 50, was last seen driving a 2017 black Chevrolet Suburban shortly after dropping her kids off at school in their wealthy suburb. The vehicle was later found abandoned in Waveny Park, which has been the focus of the search.

She had been renting a home in New Canaan and was in the midst of a bitter 2-year custody battle with her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos.

"I am terrified for my family's safety," Jennifer said in the court papers. "Especially since discovering the gun, as my husband has a history of controlling, volatile, and delusional behavior."

Fotis told police that he and his wife only had "quiet" arguments, and he denied any threatening behavior.

After Dulos' disappearance, Fotis asked a judge to intervene, saying the children had been taken to a relative's apartment that was protected by an armed guard.

Police have not yet named any suspects. Fotis and his attorney did not respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

On Thursday night, the community held a prayer vigil after another day of desperate searching. New York State Police and Connecticut State Police have both been involved in the search.

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Investigators are asking anyone who had contact with Dulos on May 24 or has information regarding her disappearance to call the New Canaan Police Tip Line at 203-594-3544.

ABC News contributed to this report.
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