When all else fails: Man cooks own food after finding worker asleep inside Waffle House

WEST COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- He said he couldn't sleep, so he did something most of us would do: find a spot to grab something to eat.

Except, the story didn't end quite there.

When Alex Bowen arrived at a South Carolina Waffle House, he said he couldn't find a worker awake to make a meal.

"Guess what...everyone on shift was asleep," Bowen wrote on Facebook.

Bowen told ABC13 he was surprised when he walked inside the restaurant and saw a worker sleeping.

"What in the heck is going on here?" he asked.

After waiting for a worker, he jumped on the grill. Bowen said that all he wanted was a "delicious Texas bacon cheesesteak melt."

His impromptu adventure behind the counter was captured via selfie photos.

Bowen said he spoke to a Waffle House district manager and paid for the melt when he returned.

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