The Iron Horse Atelier alters traditional and unconventional gowns for every bride

ByAmit Lerner Localish logo
Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Atelier specializes in bridal alterations
The Iron Horse Atelier is making saying "Yes" to the dress as seamless as possible for all brides. Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- "Working with brides is such a high-stakes thing. It is one of the most important days of their lives so if the dress is wrong, then I've really failed," says Amanda Vereb, the owner, designer, and seamstress at The Iron Horse Atelier. "It's really important to me to be a really great part of their special day."

At just three years old, Amanda was sewing alongside her great-grandmother. Later on, she turned her passion into a career, selling her motorcycle to purchase an industrial sewing machine and later opening The Iron Horse Atelier. The premier tailor studio specializes in bridal alterations and suit tailoring.

On rare occasions, Amanda also designs wedding gowns.

"Hannah has been my client since I opened up my doors in 2016," Amanda says. And upon seeing her work, Hannah knew immediately that Amanda would be the one to make her gown. A few years later when Hannah was engaged, they got to work designing her unconventional bridal gown in a bright floral print that encapsulated Hannahs's eccentric personality. "I think Amanda is what makes The Iron Horse really special," Hannah says. "You're not just coming to a tailor that's going to raise your hem two inches, you're coming to somebody that knows the best way to make you look really, really good and bring your vision to life."

Amanda gives credit to Hiscox Business Insurance for helping her achieve her dreams. "I think it's really important for me to get Hiscox Business Insurance so that I can protect my machines, all of my belongings that made my business successful." She goes on to urge other women who want to start their own businesses to "never be afraid and be creative." She concludes, "You really might surprise yourself (with) what works."

For more information, visit The Iron Horse Atelier website or Instagram.