Social media and the case of Ziggy the lost puppy

FRESNO, Calif. -- A stolen dog in Fresno, California is making waves on social media.

Ask Jeremiah Lee and he'll tell you, the internet is a powerful machine. "It is crazy how it can go onto Facebook and it can get shared over and over again," said Jeremiah Lee.

Use it in the right way and it can work for you. Like in the case of Ziggy the lost puppy. "It's really cool that whole community can come together. Because people do care," said Lee.

Just two days ago Ziggy was stolen from his front yard. A heartbroken mother posted an ad, hoping for clues. One clue found its way to Lee, who saw Ziggy for sale on Craigslist.

"It was kind of a fluke that he ended up on Craigslist," said Lee.

The seller told lee she bought it from a homeless woman. "She said I didn't know that this was a stolen dog and at that point I didn't care what it was i just wanted to get the dog back," said Lee.

So Lee gave her forty bucks in exchange for the lost friend. "I would want somebody to do the same for me," said Lee. Forty eight hours later and a long journey through Tower, Ziggy made it home.

"Honestly we just prayed that he found a happy home but honestly I did not think he was going to be returned back home," said Ziggy's owner Crystal Villasenor.

In the arms of a little girl, who never leaves his side. "He's my best friend because we always play we always have fun. he always gives me kisses on the face," said Ziggy's owner Ceriah Aguilar.

Now Ziggy's got a few more people on his friend's list, on and off the internet.
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