Shelter dog gets happy ending after old family passes her by

A German shepherd named Zuzu has found a new family after an animal shelter volunteer said they witnessed Zuzu's old family pass her over.

Zuzu was downtrodden when she came to Downey Animal Care Center near Los Angeles, a volunteer told animal news website The Dodo.

But she suddenly lit up when one family came to the shelter. Shelter volunteer Desi Lara learned it was Zuzu's old family.

"A joyous personality came out when she saw her people ... all of a sudden she was all excited, doing a little zoom," Lara said.

But the family didn't want the German shepherd back because she kept escaping, The Dodo reports. They were there looking for another dog.

A page was set up for Zuzu on ShelterMe, a site for helping shelter animals get adopted.

"She is an amazing companion looking for an awesome forever home of her own. She is so deserving of something extraordinary. This girl is all heart and soul," reads her profile on the site.

It's unknown whether Zuzu's old family went home with a new dog, but Zuzu got a happy ending. Downey Animal Care Center told ABC that Zuzu is expected to be adopted on Friday.
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