Women losing weight after 40

January 8, 2009 6:18:06 AM PST
It's becomes harder for women to lose weight once they hit the big 4-0, metabolism slows down, making it tougher to burn fat and stay strong. But with some lifestyle changes, women over 40 can weigh-in with a healthy body.

"I recommend women over 40 pick up dumbells, not just machines as machines do a lot of the thinking for you."said Jill Brown a fitness instructor.

Stimulating muscles is key to losing weight after forty-- because increasing muscle mass speeds the metabolism rate. And woman can get strong without bulking up.

"Walk up stairs, weight lift, things like that will increase muscle mass," Brown adds.

Push-ups, lunges, squats, doing movements that are weight bearing is key. Also, mix up your workout to maximize results. And stretch those muscles, too.

"Interval training, and there are all sorts of ways to implement that. And it will take you to the next level of fitness." says Brown.

Another must--- smart food choices. Food that helps in weight loss are those high in fiber, like granola bars. Eat lots of omega three fatty acids-- found in things like walnuts and salmon. And replace sugar with cinnamon. It will help to curb cravings. Plus, this spice helps to regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Also eat foods with a hot kick, such as tabasco and red pepper flakes. They contain a chemical that helps to lower insulin which plays a role in fat storage.

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