They say they were "jobbed"

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October 7, 2009 9:24:24 PM PDT
Job seekers beware about a job you have to pay for.These days jobs are at a premium, so an ad that contains the headline "Immediate Openings" is a welcome sight. But instead of getting a job, 2, out of work New Yorkers, say they got taken for hundreds of dollars, and got no job. It's an expensive lesson, that just might save you big bucks.

"It was like taking money, ripping it up, and throwing it in the toilet." That was Brian Molatto's reaction after answering an ad that ran in his local paper. It touted immediate openings for security guards. It even listed an hourly salary range.

Brian says a rep from C.P. International gave him the good news. But before being hired, Brian says he had to pay nearly $400 for training to be a security guard. But after passing the course? Brian says he got no job.

Renee Andersen responded to the same ad. "They promised me a position, and there wasn't a position."

Renee gave only an $85 dollar deposit. She stopped paying when she saw the company's enrollment agreement, that says C.P. only guarantees job placement assistance, a far cry from it's newspaper ad.

"It was all false, false information," said Renee.

Brian was referred to a job placement agency by C.P. International, he got four leads for jobs he says weren't available.

So we went to the offices of C.P. International.

Tappy Phillips: "You're putting ads in the paper that said immediate openings, there are no jobs."

We asked the company's director, Charles Pierre, to explain his company's newspaper ad.

Tappy: "Why does your ad say immediate openings?"

Charles Pierre/C.P. International: "Because there are immediate openings."

Tappy: "There are not immediate openings."

Pierre: "Of course there are immediate openings."

Tappy: "Not from you."

Pierre: "It doesn't matter."

Tappy: "Oh, it doesn't matter?"

Mr. Pierre never explained why his company offers jobs, but delivers only training.

Tappy: "You have no jobs here. Your ad is misleading."

When we pressed him, the director and his assistant threw us out.

Brian and Renee never did get a refund. C.P. International is licensed by the state to teach security guard courses. BUt they aren't a licensed employment agency. Consumers should be very wary of job offers that come with a price tag. Remember employment agencies can't charge you unless they find you a job.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone

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