Schools look to ban Silly Bandz

May 7, 2010 6:33:45 AM PDT
Some educators are telling students to keep the popular Silly Bandz out of the classroom, calling them distracting.It might be known for its inventive confections, but these days the hottest thing to buy at Huntington's Sweeties Candy Cottage is decidedly low calorie.

"It's the fasted spreading fad that anybody's seen in terms of toys,," owner Lisa Hodes said.

And tweens are going crazy over Silly Bandz.

They're multicolored bracelets in all different shapes and colors, and they've captivated thousands of kids like brothers Johnnie and Frankie, who came with their mom after school.

"I love how they're different colors and different shapes, and I like how they're called silly," said one of the brothers.

With kids spending every waking moment wearing, trading and desperately coveting the bracelets, more and more educators say they're becoming a distraction in the classroom.

Across Long Island, school districts are having to set policies regarding Silly Bandz with some schools, banning them altogether.

At Huntington's Finley Middle School, Principal John Amato is toughing it out for now.

"In my 20 years, yo-yos, things like that, typical fads, they come and they go," he said. "And we're expecting this one to go very quickly."

The cost of the bands are $3 a pack, and business owners are hoping the fad doesn't fade any time soon.