Beloved school crossing guard laid of in Newburgh

January 4, 2011 2:45:11 PM PST
School crossing guards are falling victim to the budget ax in a town in Orange County.

Now students are taking action to try and save those jobs.

Like he's done for the past seven years, Grant Morgan donned his safety vest and badge and came to Sacred Heart School, but not to direct traffic, rather to say goodbye.

The 70-year-old crossing guard was laid off. He was given his walking papers last week.

Students have launched a letter writing campaign trying to save the job of the man they call Mr. Grant.

Morgan is one of eight crossing guards laid off, but close to 60 city employees are out of work, from parks, public works, to police.

The mayor says the reason is simple: There's no money.

Besides being economically depressed, state aid to Newburgh has been cut by a million dollars.

The city has already raised taxes between 40 and 70%.

By dismissal, Mr. Grant couldn't help himself, and started safely crossing the kids, even though he isn't being paid.

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