Contractor woes

Seven On Your Side
March 25, 2011 8:27:43 PM PDT
For one senior citizen it's been a yearlong odyssey of court cases and controversy, all to get back more than $4,000 she gave a contractor. But just when hope was lost, she came to us at 7 On Your Side.

"I feel he has taken advantage of me and I'm very unhappy with him," said lifelong New Yorker Marilyn Kratka.

Kratka has lived in her present apartment for 14 years, where she is surrounded by her beloved art work.

Last year, she gave a $4,300 deposit to Innoworks and Restoration Inc., to start renovating her kitchen and bathroom. But Kratka says the contractor was a no show.

Kratka decided to fire the contractor, but little did she know she would have such a difficult time getting her money back.

So she took the contractor to court.

Innoworks lost the case, but tried to overturn the judgment. Again Kratka won.

Next, Innoworks dragged her to court yet again, this time suing Kratka.

"It was dismissed," said Kratka.

Since October, Innoworks issued two checks for $1,500. But after three court wins, Kratka is still out nearly $3,000.

"It's humiliating to get to be this age and to be treated so poorly," said Kratka.

So we called Innoworks and Restoration Inc., and just days later we made a special delivery to Kratka - a check for the remaining balance more than $2,800.

"I really can't thank you enough. I don't' know what to do for you," said Kratka.

Innoworks and Restoration's owner told us Kratka never paid him for the design and prep work, but none of that was outlined in their contract.

He blamed the sluggish remodeling market and apologized for not paying Kratka sooner. CONNECT WITH NINA PINEDA AND 7 ON YOUR SIDE