Tips for driving on ice and snow

February 1, 2011 8:32:31 PM PST
The winter season brings snow and ice which can make road conditions extremely hazardous. Many drivers have basic knowledge of how to tackle slick and slushy roads but there are several tips that can make driving even safer.

The first tip is maintenance, according to Adrian Mic from Adrian's Driving School in Tarrytown.

"We need to start with the windows. Make sure you clean the windows before you go so you have a clear view. Then make sure the wipers are working properly, and then make sure you have windshield fluid filled up and the tires are very important," Mic said.

The second tip is comfort. Drivers that remove their coats and gloves will find it easier to maneuver their vehicle.

The third tip is speed and distance.

"On these kinds of streets you have to be aware of your speed. That's your worst enemy in this kind of weather," Mic said.

A forth and final tip is steering and breaking.

AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair says to avoid any sudden moves.

"When you're trying to get going from a stop put the vehicle in a higher gear, you'll tend not to spin the tires as much. The opposite extreme you're trying to slow down go to a lower gear. Put it in 3, 2, or 1. That will help slow the vehicle down," Sinclair said.

He also notes that is it easier to accelerate through an icy turn rather than losing control by applying the brakes.

In a worst case scenario, apply the brakes gently but with firm pressure and steer in the direction that you want to go in to regain control of the vehicle.