Charges dismissed against Ft. Hamilton teacher

April 20, 2011 8:14:13 PM PDT
A Brooklyn grand jury has dismissed all charges against high school teacher Sabrina Milo.

The jury decided the facts of the case did not support the criminal charges.

A stack of letters was sent to the court in support of Sabrina Milo.

Students, teachers and parents all wrote emphasizing that there was no way she would ever hurt anyone.

The 34-year-old art teacher was arrested for making terroristic threats last month.

In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Wallace, she recounted what she said:

Milo: "I started crying and said, 'if I had a shotgun and a trench coat, it would be Columbine all over again.'"

Wallace: "What did you mean?"

Milo: "I didn't mean anything by it. It was just an expression of my frustration."

Milo went back to the classroom for several days before being arrested.

She was held on $100,000 bail and police considered searching her Staten Island home for weapons.

"I wasn't thinking. It was exercising poor judgment. The door was shut. It was adults. Many times we have gathered together and vented in our own ways," Milo said.

More than 40 people wrote letters on Milo's behalf to the court.

Wednesday evening, upon hearing the news that she will not face charges, Milo expressed her relief. She also said that she can't wait to get back to her classroom.

"I definitely want to be back in my classroom, we've had two weeks of lost time," Milo said on the phone with Eyewitness News.

Following her arrest, Milo was reassigned.

Now she'd like the Board of Education to allow her back in the classroom at Fort Hamilton High School where her students are waiting for her.

"I hope she's back in the classroom soon because I'm taking art soon and I want her as a teacher," said Jason Gonzalez, a student.

Milo is awaiting a decision from the Board of Education on whether she can return to class.