Wedding dress deposit trouble

Seven On Your Side
July 15, 2011 8:36:18 PM PDT
A woman's fiance died just months before the wedding, and she needed 7 On Your Side to help get her wedding dress deposit back.

"They were never apart in three years," said Linda McNulty, Krista's mother.

It was love at first sight for Krista McNulty.

She met Keith Schmidt at her grandma's BBQ and the two were engaged a year later.

"He was the class valedictorian, class leader, top shooter, he would do anything for anyone," McNulty said.

The Nassau County Sheriff was protecting others when he shattered a knee restraining a prisoner.

He had a severe reaction to the medication he was prescribed and died in his sleep two months before their wedding.

"He was pretty actively involved, that's why the reception, the DJ, photographer, all knew him and that's why they were like this was such an insane loss and they didn't hesitate to give us our money back," McNulty said.

The reception venue returned a $10,000 deposit, the DJ and photographer also refunded down payments, but Village Bridal in Babylon said it couldn't return Krista's deposits on two wedding gowns totaling $750 dollars.

"They just said that I'm basically out of luck as far as the dresses, they can't do anything with them," McNulty said.

"They said she can use that credit and buy the first dress. I said, 'She does not what that dress to put it on, all her dreams have been shattered, her whole life is gone,'" Linda McNulty said.

When Eyewitness News went to the bridal shop, a manager showed 7 On Your Side the dress Krista will never get to wear.

"This was special cut for Krista, three inches shorter from the bottom," the store clerk said

It's difficult to resell dresses.

Once a shop places an order with a manufacturer, they're stuck with the gown.

"It never is the right size, length or right color,"

After our visit the store owner agreed the tragedy was an exception to the refund policy.

They agreed to return Krista's deposit on her reception gown and give her six bridesmaids their dress deposits back too.

We then reached out to the maker of Krista's ceremony dress directly, explaining the bride's loss.

Designer Maggie Sotero agreed to take the delivered dress back and refund the store.

So, Krista got all her money back.

"Thank you so much," McNulty said.

It's one less thing Krista has to worry about, her family knows getting through the wedding date next month will be hard enough.