Apps for pregnant women and new moms

December 15, 2011 1:55:24 PM PST
First it was the baby books. Then the internet, but now, if you have a question about anything, chances is there's an app for that. From counting contractions to picking a baby name, there is truly an app for everything.

You're out to eat and you're pregnant, can you eat the gorgonzola cheese or not? There's an app for that! It tells you foods to avoid when pregnant and why.

And if you're craving a drink, the 50 most popular mocktails app gives you recipes for colorful alcohol-free drinks.

"It's meant to make you feel like you can enjoy a non-alcoholic drink but still feel festive," said Alison Bernstein, editor of

Alison Bernstein is a mother of three and the editor of the, which has two of its own apps, pregnancy buzz and baby buzz. Both are free and give you guidance from other moms every step of the way.

"The best part is you can ask your own questions and you'll get an almost immediate answer from a member of the bump community," said Bernstein.

Besides information whether you're tired sleep deprived or suffering from pregnancy brain some of these apps can just make your life easier.

Baby tracker nursing helps you remember when you last breast fed, on which side and for how long, and you can also save the information to show your doctor.

To help her kids sleep, Lori Richmond from Brooklyn uses a white noise app. You choose a sound that will block out the other noise.

"I think my kids think it's been raining every night for five years," said Richmond, mother of two.

And if your baby needs an unexpected nap at grandma's house, you can turn your Smartphone into a baby monitor with the baby monitor app, if it detects noise, it supposed to automatically call the number you chose.

And just for kicks check out the kick to pick app, it lets your baby pick out his or her own name. Choose your favorites, put the phone against your baby bump, when the baby kicks, you have a name.

But a word of caution, none of the apps are not regulated. So it's impossible to verify that the information is correct or medically accurate. So they can be a resource, but you should still be asking your doctor these questions.


Pregnancy Buzz (free)
Baby Buzz (free)
50+ Most Popular Mocktails ($1.99)
Foods to Avoid When Pregnant ($0.99)
Kick to Pick ($0.99)
Baby Tracker: Nursing ($4.99)
White Noise Baby ($0.99)
Baby Monitor ($4.99)

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