School plans to randomly drug test athletes

October 3, 2013 3:11:12 PM PDT
Parents in New Jersey are outraged about a school district's random drug testing plan.

"We feel we've gone down a rabbit hole where reason and logic does not exist," said Henry Hoberman, a parent.

Parents in the Northern Valley Regional School District are in a battle to keep the district from implementing a policy that would allow it to do random drug screenings on any student involved in sports or has other privileges, like parking on school property.

"The district was made aware that students had indicated there was usage problem. We implemented a plan on student wellbeing," said Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent.

A group of parents has filed a lawsuit against it, calling it drastic, saying they've been given no proof, that there is a major drug use problem among students.

"They've shown no evidence that there is an epidemic," said Annie Hausmann, a parent.

And they're leaning on several case studies they say show that random drug testing does not prevent drug use.

"Once I realized all that, I stood up loud and proud and said do not experiment with my children, I won't stand for it," said Donna Weintraub, a parent.