Police release photo of already arrested man in hopes more victims come forward

Josh Einiger has more.
February 9, 2014 3:19:31 PM PST
On Friday night, the NYPD took an unusual step. They released a picture of a man they already arrested. That is how convinced they are Salvador Morales has targeted victims who have not yet come forward.

For Florim Dakaj, a building super in Queens, news of Morales' arrest is a huge relief.

"I'm so happy, you cannot believe! I wanna go and party tonight. I'm so happy," says Dakaj.

Last month, Dakaj called Eyewitness News after seeing a report on an elderly scam pattern miles away in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. He recognized the suspect as the guy who stalked and targeted one of his tenants in Jackson Heights.

Retired school teacher Adrienne Breslow was not having it. She kicked the man out when he tried to con her by apologizing for a non-existent plumbing leak, and then offering her 50 dollars for her trouble. In other cases, cops say when the victim turns away to make change, Morales runs off with whatever valuables he can grab.;

"How stupid did he think I was?" says Breslow.

Eyewitness News put Breslow in touch with detectives, and on Friday they drove her to Brooklyn, where she helped pick Morales out of a lineup.

Back in Breslow's building, where Dakaj, the eagle-eyed Super put up the sign at the front door, tenants say they are lucky to have him, and happy an alleged con man is off the street.

"Follow an old person? What do they have to defend themselves, basically? That's just preying on the weak," said tenant Robert May.