Baby found in Victoria's Secret bag at Herald Square store died of asphyxia

April 15, 2014 9:09:10 PM PDT
The medical examiner's office reported Tuesday that a baby whose body was found in the bag of a teenage girl at Victoria's Secret died of homicidal asphyxia.

According to the ME, the baby boy, who weighed around 8 and a half pounds, was around 1 day old at time of death. In October, the office said that more tests were needed to determine how the baby died.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office had said last year that it would explore elevated charges against the baby's mother, Tiona Rodriguez, depending on the case.

Rodriguez has been charged with a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. Rodriguez and a friend were at the Herald Square Victoria's Secret store when security noticed a foul odor and thought the girls were acting suspicious.

Police say 17-year-old Rodriguez had given birth to the baby at her friend's home in Queens the day before, and she brought it with them to the store. The two were also accused of shoplifting.