New Jersey, New York international luxury stolen car ring busted

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Toni Yates reporting

Authorities say they have broken an international carjacking and stolen car ring that targeted luxury vehicles in suburban communities in northern and central New Jersey and New York.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office said about 22 people are charged and 90 stolen vehicles have been recovered.

Mercedes, BMW's and Bentleys are a few of the high-end cars recovered in Operation 17 Corridor, New Jersey law enforcement's latest crackdown on stolen and carjacked auto-theft rings.

"With the arrest and charges we are announcing we have dismantled this criminal network," said New Jersey Acting Attorney General John Hoffman.

Those in custody range from accused top tier ringleaders, whom officials say pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars selling the cars, to lower level suspects who canvassed upscale neighborhoods, parking garages, and car rental companies to steal the cars, most of them shipped to buyers in West Africa.

"Where these cars will sell for prices in significant access of there market value in the U.S., sometime two or three times the value," said Hoffman.

To take down a ring like this, law enforcement had to first get in to it, which they did succesfully, infiltrating and learning the inner workings and the players.

Law enforcement is using enhanced efforts to dismantle stolen car rings after the death of 30-year old Dustin Friedland, shot and killed in the parking garage at Short Hills Mall in 2013, as carjackers tried to steal his Land Rover.

"We are staying one step ahead of these criminals with technology and sophisticated investigative techniques," said Hoffman.

The A.G.'s office released the suspect's identities along with their alleged roles:

Tyja Evans, 39, of Watchung, N.J.
Ibn Jones, 37, of Newark, N.J.
Eddie Craig, 36, of Beverly, N.J.

Shippers and High-Level Fences
Peter Cleland, 32, of East Orange, N.J.
Sowah Anan, 31, of Elizabeth, N.J.
Manuel Oliveres, 44, of Jersey City, N.J.
Adama Fofana, 53, of the Bronx, N.Y.
Alpha Jalloh, 26, of New York, N.Y.

Higher-Level Fence and Retagger of Vehicles
Panel Dalce, 43, of South Orange, N.J.

Street-Level Fences
Frazier Gibson, 29, of East Orange, N.J.
Eric Aikens, 40, of Newark, N.J.
Lavell Burnett, 38, of Newark, N.J.
Damion Mikell, 32, of Newark, N.J.

Carjackers, Car Thieves and/or Wheel Men
Nasir Turner, 36, of Newark, N.J.
Derrick Moore, 36, of Keansburg, N.J.
Kenneth Daniels, 29, of Newark, N.J.
Tyree Johnson, 22, of Newark, N.J.
Donnel Carroll, 28, of Newark, N.J.
Khalil Culbreath, 38, of Newark, N.J.
Terrence Wilson, 39, of Newark, N.J.
Marquis Price, 32, of Newark, N.J.
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