Find Your Finish! Watch runners cross the line in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon!

Running the race? Rooting for friends and family? Either way, you can get your very own close-up look at the finish line for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon!

Elite runners from around the world put their skills to the test, joined by tens of thousands of others from around the region and the U.S. in this 26.2 mile race.

Enjoy your personal view of the big event, with the abc7NY Find Your Finish cam!

Clip 1: Race time 1:24:42 through 2:05:40 (time of day @10am through 10:40am)
This clip contains the men's and women's wheelchair champs, and wheelchair finishers
for the marathon. First wheelchair finisher crosses the line at 11 minutes and
33 seconds into this video clip.
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Clip 2: Below are wheel chair finishers crossing at race times 2:02:00 through 2:15:00
(end of the wheel chair timing) and 1:28:00 through 1:39:00 (clock changed to reflect the
womens' race timing). Time of day in the clip below: 10:40am through 11:01am
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Clip 3: Race time 1:39:00 through 2:26:00 (time of day 11:01am through 11:48am)
The clip below contains the women's winner Mary Keitany crossing the finish line (46 minutes into
the video clip), and wheelchair racers finishing before 11:48am.
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Clip 4: Runners finishing from 11:48am through 12:04pm. This covers official race times 2:26:00 through 2:32:18 (pro womens'
race timing) and then official time 2:03:30 through 2:12:55 once the clock is changed to reflect wave 1/official mens' race time.
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Clip 5: Runners finishing from Official Race Time 2:12:56- through 2:36:25
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Find your finish in the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon

Clip 6: Race Time 2:58:50 through 3:28:00
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Clip 7: Race time 3:13:00pm through 3:46pm
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Find Your Finish in the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon.

Clip 8: Race Time 3:45:00 through 4:03:00
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Watch runners cross the finish line. Official race times 5:15:12 through 5:44:04.

Clip 9: Race Time 4:03:07 through 4:38:30
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Clip 10: Race Time 4:38:30 through 5:14:00
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Clip 11: Race times 05:15:00 through 05:44:00
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Find Your Finish: race time 05:15:00 through 05:44:00

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