Catelli's restaurant shares the story behind its iconic '10-Layer Lasagna'

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Catelli's 10-Layer Lasagna is a fresh take on a classic dish
"I've never had paper thin layers like this." Catelli's restaurant in Geyserville serves up a 10-layer lasagna that will melt in your mouth.

GEYSERVILLE, Calif. -- Catelli's, a restaurant in Geyserville, California, has provided generations with an inviting place to eat and celebrate since 1936. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, Co-owner and Chef Domenica Catelli has created some truly unforgettable dishes including the renowned 10-layer lasagna.

"If you haven't had this style of lasagna, what you're going to experience versus our more traditional American style is this really thin pasta that's going to melt in your mouth," Domenica Catelli explains.

"I've never had paper thin layers like this," customer Shelly Rafanelli says.

"It's absolutely delicious," longtime customer Cameron Lyeth adds.

The 10-layer lasagna has rapidly become one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

"It's one of those comfort foods that once you eat it, you're just like 'That's what my stomach and my soul needed tonight...was that lasagna,'" Co-Owner Nicholas Catelli shares.

However, the lasagna wasn't always on the menu.

"We did not have lasagna growing up," Domencia reveals. "I had the opportunity to live in Bologna when I was in my early twenties and cook over there and that's when I had Italian lasagna...and that's where the inspiration came from."

She not only makes everything from scratch but also infuses every dish with her love of food and community.

"I want you to be able to know that we made this with love and you can enjoy this with your friends and your family and just leave here feeling good," Domenica shares.