Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson talks about the creation of ABC's 'For Life'

NEW YORK -- Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson spoke about being the executive producer of ABC's new legal drama "For Life."

It's based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., although there were some creative liberties taken.

"A friend of mine wanted me to attend his fight club in the Bronx, but his fight club was like, illegal, I wouldn't go until they legalized the actual fight club, and they had to find an attorney to do that and the attorney that they found was Isaac," Jackson said.

True to the story, and important to Wright, was capturing the feeling of being incarcerated and the prison experience.

"He got sentenced to 70 years plus life, and was the first person convicted under the 'kingpin' statute in the state of New Jersey and spent over seven years incarcerated and studying law and working on other inmates cases internally in the prison system, writing briefs for other attorneys to represent some of them outside and he ended up creating case law through some of that material that he worked on and putting himself back on through his appeal and getting himself out," Jackson said.

Aaron Wallace is the character based on Wright, and is portrayed by Nicholas Pinnock.

"When they sent him the project and he saw the material, he said that it was exciting because of what it represented," Jackson said.

Not only is he an executive producer, but Jackson says he'll be coming in at episode 5 as a recurring guest star.

"I'm playing Cassius Dawkins, he's a recurring character, he's actually been arrested since he was 16, so he's spent more time in jail than he has in the free world," Jackson said.

Because Wright eventually got himself freed with his legal expertise, the main character will do the same, but it will take some time.

Don't miss the premiere of "For Life" on Tuesday, February 11 at 10/9c on ABC.
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