7 On Your Side: What to know before trading in your old iPhone

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The new iPhone 11 was released Friday, and if you're looking to upgrade to the newest model and sell or trade-in your old device, you need to protect it before someone gets their hands on the information you have stored.

First - unpair your Apple Watch. You don't want the new owner controlling your wallet, your music and everything on your wrist.

The next step is to back up your device, either to the iCloud or to iTunes or a desktop. You need to connect to WiFI to back up on the iCloud, your photos, contacts, message, music, apps, etc. should all automatically be backed up before you get rid of your phone.

The next step is to sign out. In settings, sign out of everything..the iCloud, iTunes and the App Store.

While you're in Settings, go to 'general' and reset and erase all content and settings.


If you did not do this and you've already parted with your device, don't worry, just change your Apple ID password

If you're switching to a non-Apple phone you want to deregister iMessage.

If you're using Apple Pay, remove credit cards and debit cards from Apple Pay - you can do this in iCloud.


Before you either trade-in or cash out your old phone, first shop around - where you go can make a big difference. At Game Stop in Harlem 7 on your Side got a good offer on an iPhone 10XR - it's in excellent condition. Game Stop offered $330.00 with free pro-member sign-up or $300 without the membership.

At the Apple Store, the offer was better but Apple only lets you trade-in: $370.00 for the iPhone, which would bring the price of upgrading to brand new iPhone11 from $699 to $399. A savings of $300.

At Best Buy, a few blocks away the trade-in value was $20 higher at $390.

If you are considering selling, it is important to not wait. Phones depreciate every day, especially on older models.

7 on Your Side looked at selling the smartphone online as well.

Online offers hit a high of $437 for 10 XR, but note these are only estimates. Once your device is received, it is evaluated and the offer you actually get may change.

First, it is important to deal with reputable buyers, 7 on your side has gone after some companies which took phones but never sent payments.

Next, be realistic about the phone's condition, any scratches or cracks, and your phone is worth less money.


Before you sell, look around at local charities - you'll get a tax write off and help someone in need. That's a win-win.
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