Family Seeks Answers to Seattle Man's Mysterious Disappearance

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The search for missing software engineer Jeremiah Foco, who was en route to his job, is now in its 11th day.

Foco's friends plastered photos of the 34-year-old around his Seattle neighborhood, asking strangers if they've seen him.

"Our friend's gone missing," a friend of Foco approached a passerby. "We've been looking for him for a week."

A surveillance video is believed to have captured his last sighting. Friends Foco was visible in the video with a backpack walking down the stairs at a nearby bus station on his way to work July 22nd.

But he never showed up there.

"If there was nothing else to do we would just hope," said friend Jocelyn Coimbre, "but right now I just feel like there's so many things that haven't been thought of."

The only other clue is a video believed to be Foco driving into his apartment garage the day before he vanished.

ABC News station KOMO-TV reports that police collected DNA from Foco's residence Thursday as part of an investigation into his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Foco's parents traveled from Michigan to help look for their son who they say loves snowboarding and golf.

"It makes no sense," said Foco's father Edward. "Something had to have happened."

"Every day I think that this can't be real," Renay Charchan, Foco's mother said, "yet every day I wake up and it's real."

His loved ones were puzzled and distressed but still hopeful.

"He got up, got ready for work and fell off the planet," said Charchan. "I just hope and pray every day that they'll be some sign."

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